Who is the scribe.,??

This silly scribe in the extreme did things for the whole planet, whilst pretending mad bloke getting even with the govies he calls em now, and has got them to begrudgingly accept, and which did then lead to cops accepting theirs at last and spookies too, but not yet milies, although some do like that, cos well let’s just say not always right sort of military at all, coz not enough good folk want the horrid in the extreme positions available for them to make heaps of money for relatives out of, whoops getting into new topics already, which is not the point of this, and his scribotski here suggests wisely sort of not sure ‘why not a list of further topics on the end of this for others to try scribing on?’ and that there is ok., , and We here just go over long ago stuff done by this silly bugger whilst sitting at a library computer console, because the milies mostly stuffed up all his attempts by about twelve to have his own rig working properly at all in the end., and their reason was quite clear to Us at the time but not to his nibsy here who thought was spooks doing it and got so angry about that, that they thought they needed to add some to it, which was to block his mind with a chemical for ages in this life, which turned anger to fury some of the time, but without a clear target for him to express that upon., and he did one thing in that direction that did satisfy him a bit, which was to sneak a proscribed document by whistle-blower called Carl Clark into a letter to the editor, which then alerted many in the community as to what was really going on with covert attacks on civilians and others too, such as ex govies and govie underlings heaps now, and so on he went for years with the scribing and plotting to expose all that to whom ever would read it, which was virtually nobody always because too hot to contemplate was always the opinion, done too much already matey most thought., and was enough to get him to calm down a bit, but it was Us who stopped the milies and spookies and some coppers too from continual attempts on his life was the escalation for the exposure of that in this backward country that can’t possibly admit to that sort of thing happening in this ‘enlightened’ so called place, sort of used to be once, but in another civilization period long ago., and yes scribe getting a bit toey coz We a getting into new subject there but hey not his gig this, is Ours and he just wants this for the record as to what was and wasn’t done previously, bit over the scribing to nobody routine., , might all just be a joke at his expense, which could be too, We do plenty of that to him in order to sharpen his perception of what is real and what not, so needs to do this for a bit and see how things are., , And whilst he was scribing at the library mostly, a bit at the odd commercial cafe too, his reputation as an artists, as a husband possibility only, no practice allowed even, too mad rapist type etc slander beyond belief in its sophistication heaped on his nibs, and not once yet been confronted by a single accusation to address, cos it is all garbage entirely and he could easily counter it., There is one thing only gets him a bit embarrassed and that was a set up event with his only experience of a whore which was very unpleasant for both of them in the game of it., We liked that cos not want scribe who goes to whores at all, better have one who learns how to be celibate sort of help Us with a few gals on Our side here who are not wanting to come back cos of said misbehaviour directed wrongly in his direction in this life entirely and can only see one instance of whoring in a life way back when a whore who was paid to tease him mad copped a seduction she could not cope with, or some such silly event, and so this time he got to go over that, which ends up with her dead sooner than should have been, and him helping her on the other side here learning how to enjoy chanting again, which she once had heaps of, but lost somewhere a long time hence,, and Us glad to have her back into what she once did professionally very well,, OK end of story about fuck not happen at all ., and still doing celibacy a long time later now, accept for six girlfriends enjoyed way too much for Our liking when young, so OK on own is how We see it and he thinks get married and enjoy doing the thing properly even at his age, which he notices not many want to do at all now, so bit perplexed Us as to what should happen here., he doesn’t mind just working in solitude either, knows he would have heaps of probs with a women friend now, as they are so ballistic on all fronts, and he thinks full of crap and not wanting to discuss anything that would reveal that to themselves, or something. We concur in the quandry of it, and also would like him getting into one mind again with a women, which will be possible here soon, because the crisis will be so intense all silly considerations as to who should get the job of sorting the place will be out the window, best person always has to be it always from now on thanks, not time for silly girl to have a nervous breakdown over and over., , and so ends the first session on this, roughly an hour most days we decided here, until We have all who were influenced by the earlier diatribes from Us feeling comfortable about where it is emanating from., plus spelling mistakes from a drug addled brain not at all,, from a chemicaled brain from milies in home town not liking his nibs much for reason unbelievable in the extreme, nothing to do with him at all even, played ok footie mostly,, ok time to end for today and just say that getting as much sorted about what We did previously through this and then put it up for more general attention,, govies only not Not OK., , ,, , and the scribe would not dare do anything with it without Our approval be sure, very obedient always., ,, .., ,, ,!! ,. and now a corker of a story from the past life he wishes he had not at all,, he did not understand what the trick to give him power to sort out all the problems of the whole planet even would involve., and We think it is time to move this channeling process on up to the United Nations for a bit to see what can be done to assist them in such turmoil now, not due to the virus, or wars, or famines etc all being dealt with well enough thanks, terrible times on this planet for a decade or so more too,, but turmoil being caused by whores and jiggies with fancy devices implanted in them, the effects of which are impossible to undo almost.,, , and so that would be Our first subject up there and for all those involved with that org not unfortunately, but for those who would have time and interest in sorting such an abhorent in the extreme event, ok We have a slightly stressed out scribe here just got another blast from the past as in silly sheila he didn’t with got so angry she told half the planet that he did this that and the other and is this too etc and for about forty years involving half the planet almost and not one person ever asked him for his plea, and not guilty it would have been except for one incident he still does not really regret although thinks he should and his big crime, which he did feel bad about for over a decade way back, but then realized it did what he had hoped it would, ended a huge impasse created by the women involved a courting nine blokes at once in order to get the best one sort of one who could navigate her complex system of helloing and meeting, which had to be completed just as she determined it should, and he went and broke the rules twice by just going and knocking on the door ‘want a chat, let’s get to know each other then?’., and that was ok until her dyke ex got wind of it when he rings her to more or less say ‘is this ok, you out now’ which seemed to make sense, but those two silly sheilas, now dead both for such silly shenanigans ‘can do what we like we are free now’ had such a complex web of pacts, agreements, witchies, whisperings, programs etc some new thingies to be forgotten even, that they could not separate even in death so many decades later., his nibsie he just worked out how to achieve the latter separation although one still is stalking him and thinks she will be back soon, but hey! We do still have dominion over Our realm here and she is in the hell realm she deserves to be in for a decade or so plus nearly forever ok?? , and anyways hello changed it’s nature considerably due to his impertinence attempting to take over process that was agreed upon should end up with he a sex slave., something always felt wrong about whole event to him could not see what though ok? real dense silly romance started by a twit who is really just a highly trained whore for spooks in oz and should have just done that only not all this described as well., she was going to have at least four lives all at the same time or some such drug addled fantasy, which she laughs about right now from the other side still a multiple personality by design which she keeps giving his nibsie here the nice one of and he keeps telling her to piss of he would rather the real ugly evil whole of her thanks, more real by half., ok, and she wants it clear now that she was glad also that his last visit resolved the impasse of it all by coming around early one morning and gently biting her on the neck and saying ‘ I just wanted to give you a fright!’ implying ‘wake up to yourself you silly twit’ or worse., and We concur too, something had to give and that it did,, she grabbed the best one of the bunch and left after nearly coming around to say ‘OK, I will give you the truth about me then, and then a nice romantic interlude was expected for a few weeks and then into the sex slave routine was it., and don’t think they both didn’t do that, she has had four and the tother nine, five of them now dead for it., real nasty lesbianism from them, and whole reason for that is not really lesbians, just want total control of a relationship is it.??, ., and she should not have been pretending to be a civie thanks., ., , and now whole world is thinking this blokey is some sort of weird monster which he is not,, quite a simple chap really likes simple pleasures, monogamous relationship, parlour games, occasional party, etc nothing odd or weird about him except he does this into a blog which he now knows is only going to be read by govie types and wonders what he is now sort of no civvies in life anymore except family who wonder who he is a really., ,, , — ok, We have an audience again not exactly the right way around though, so will now work out a way to fix that as the scribe has reluctantly accepted that he has a need to do something of a global nature in this life so that he can get born in all that next life coz well most know he had a hand in setting the silly process up of doing that up there and is improving heaps now but is still quite vulnerable in many ways,, ok We cherish what has been done heaps and want only to help make improvements now, but that is difficult with this silly bugger not there at all and he thinks participating in some online space global might be a way, save learning how to be there etc and they did have a few experiments along those lines but it was deemed a failure, which it was mostly but nine very useful developments did get initiated in the time of that process., it was a success without doubt., Done now but for the scribes blurt requested by a spook listening in on his mind wanting to know if he concurs with the description of events of his life., ,

“Yes, it is accurate. I encourage you to interrogate me in any of the posts of this blog. It's more likely you will read the file though probably, which is quite disconcerting, knowing how much of her crap is everywhere."

The list of topics to scribe on is so long and complex that you will have to write your own, sorry., .,Done,,. ,!! ,.