Topics to come.

And there are three other subjects to be added to the blog page over time, at least thanks. We have millions really but there are three that pertain particular to people who are under covert attacks of any kind. Even one of those evil sortings of another human can cause great contorted thinking and sorting, if you think about it. And that is where the TI issues are today, extremely contorted in the understanding of who is doing it, and very difficult to sort although some do manage to heal some of it. But that is more through knowing who and causing the source to undo it. Most of the things done covert wise have an undo built in and one that is not easy to work out, especially for a civilian. One subject is how to get all that out in the open, which has to happen soon, or We take another path which is an absolute catastrophe to cleanse the entire planet of the civilisations that have caused such a mess to evolve, ok. Two is why this is so important to reverse. We keep saying that but the authorities monitoring, shouldn’t really be, hear Us not. Three is how to heal the civilisations of this already catastrophic covert influencing, quite deliberately set in train. Ok, that said have a nice day on the way to a funeral of all things bright and beautiful, sorry to be so disturbing about it., ., .

Also, there might be time for:

  • Particularly different TI operation in some countries e.g. Germany, India, Venezuela etc – Just say where you are and We will mention anything pertinent.
  • Different types of TIs overall. About 72 it seems with quite different results in their lives, which is the experimental aspect for to do.
  • Changing patterns of abuse up to now overall.
  • The ultimate objectives of the operation at this time. How many potential outcomes do they have in mind? Is it 42? No it is 137 now, they keep re-evaluating.
  • How to integrate Our Guidance.
  • Who also is being targeted in a similar but not so severe manner? You are all who read at present, not because you read though, because you care and that has to go. You are better protected only if you care AND DO.
  • Who is best to do that which absolutely needs to be done? And who the rest – probably cops this one is thinking, but he would be way out unfortunately. Military nearly everything in etc.
  • Some covert deaths to excoriate here. Done almost thankyou heaps as mysteries hanging are a nuisance to all involved always.
  • How to survive fascism if it happens where you are. Not so likely now, thanks. Mostly do it well now butis always difficult to get back to the better free-er mode.
  • Who is behind it all ultimately? ETs and their demons only is the short version. Long version is the same, just how to deal with them is in it.
  • Who should be gone from this project because evil intent only? Look around you please.
  • How to end it for all time this civilisation, which is only just possible but way better be sure.
  • Anything else you want Us on covert-wise, and some you don’t.
  • How to end the way things like this are dealt with and start a much better way thanks.
  • How the people who prospered but shouldn’t have end their days from now on. Just started with heaps to get rid of, be ready to fill some big voids.
  • Who didn’t prosper also and what they can do soon, We hope.
  • When the end time so much speculated about is. Now is the short version.
  • How many have suffered such evil abuse? Short answer for now – 1.5 million.
  • Remedies for many covertly aquired problems of many kinds.
  • Who did kill lots of President’s aides also?
  • nothing more at all Thanks:: from the scribey too., .. ,!!!!!., ,#.