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Well, We have to describe something awkward here as We started something ginormous in this which mind by accident not at all, but quite irregular to encourage the United Nations to check out what is here for them in this peculiar and dysfunctional part of the globe. Nothing works that well, although pretending it does seems to be hanging in there ok. Even New Zealand thinks it’s doing ok, whilst slipping into chaos extremo mode. Help them if you can coz what haps there spreads elsewhere be sure. We hope they see though what a treasure trove is here for their activities as there have been nine global governments operated from these otherwise lost islands on the edge of everything civilized. We see great things could happen here again easily because of that dense past use of the place, mostly very positive. It is there in the archaeology to find except well let’s just say not want to look at things can’t explain is firmly in place as it is most places. Only Iran has the courage to admit can’t explain into the equation and them only just, coz it starts too many arguments. But it is there to see and study and kept mostly well enough. And this bugger scribing for Us yet again even noticed some odd things about Tasmania better not mention, sort of probably will when finds right Facebook group soon. Ok, cop spying on this being writ is off to warn others about a calamity of revelations about to happen to their nice tight view of reality here, managed so well that people scream in public often and get carted off to loonie toonsville to be reprogramed more acceptable, and as best as can be done in a place that does value openness and honesty still, as it has in past times many to be understood soon hopefully because UN got the message and now knows why having discussions in ships on the ocean nearby is always so fruitful here. Same for military, spooks and cops too when there is international in it. The reason it happens here so well is complex but undeniable be sure. So We hope they continue to explore possibilities in this region and even accept Our suggestion to assist this troubled state to achieve the greatness it often nearly does and then sinks back into the slime, or whatever it is that gets everyone so stroppy and deadly so often. It is not great to watch what goes on here for one moment, rapes heaps, murders too many to count and not many prosecutions, jails too full already not enough money to make that work even syndrome in place. So We hope that a bigger government apparatus will assist to get the place functioning better at the same time as getting their own work done better and safer to a bit, as being further from the hot spots of the northern hemisphere. OK, that is it in a nutshell, and more to come tomorrow, or whatever, depending on interest alone. We get Our message through wherever and however We can, which is way too haphazard for this event attempting to be orchestrated. Ok, We need some assistance with dissemination of this and other messages. We can’t rely on this silly old bugger alone, might even be killed by a cop who doesn’t like him for serving it up to a demonic women who stuffed his life sideways just for the hell of it, which she achieved very well but demised as a result recently with a little assistance from said bloke he doesn’t mind admitting, although got her to do her self in rather than did it for her routine that We helped set up. Nobody else could despite many attempts to stop one of the most evil creatures to be on this planet. Ok, We will say more about that if they continue to claim he actually killed the silly twit by getting the demons out of her for a few days leading to her having nothing to sustain herself other than the vestige of humanness she had left, not enough to go shopping with even, had to persuade a demon to assist her always. She died through too much demoness in her life which she enjoyed heaps and didn’t even think at all about what they were attempting to do through her. That is a great crime in Angelsville, ok., .,, ,Done., ,, .,