The scribe of this is a long term targeted individual (TI) who was so frustrated by what was coming his way that he did something a human should not do even, which was consult a book now deceased on methods of psychic protection that seemed very well thought through, but ended up being tossed out once he realised it was a trick book from another part of the galaxy, which was being used to infiltrate methods that they use into this planets lexicon of techniques too many already, and theirs is much clearer so it would win. It nearly did for about a year, then some smart spooks worked out the real agenda and got rid of it. So, We Angels above started to influence him towards Our way of doing that and got him out of Byron Bay social life completely and onto his current solitary purpose of doing what We want him to only, and whilst complaining a bit here and there does mostly that. Which brings Us to his other project of writing up his experiences in a clear and believable form, which he does with some difficulty. Meanwhile the planet is about to go very sideways if there are not major efforts made to stop covert methods of solving problems. Hardly anybody left to keep basic things happening could be the result, as there are very silly wars happening nowadays. So, We are attempting to get all that off here thanks and that is very difficult indeed. It will be regretted for millennia if it is not achieved though. And those folk who are attempting to alert humanity to its looming disasters are going to other more pleasant planets be sure, it is you folk sitting on your hands and who should be doing something, who will have to come back over and over to live in that mess and attempt to fix it, or worse. So be sure that you have been warned enough to justify that now. And this is for those in government positions, perps too- not so many in government positions now, media, legals, clerics, academics etc. That is all those who might be interested in sorting out the mess, of which TIs are just the more obvious tip of the proverbial. We deplore all that has been done to him in this life but also think he is lucky to have the opportunity to work on this subject with diligence as he is one who has contributed to the start of ET intrusions into governments in his past incarnations here. That was unknowingly, but hey that still matters. What you actually do, not what you naively think you are doing, is what counts. So, We put his stories up a peg and might even get them read at last, which is difficult with so many magicians attempting to thwart that purpose. Not one person has read one who is not a cop, spook or military so far, except for one friend who got it on paper so small it slipped through the blanking system around it, which is very sophisticated and evil entirely. That is not to say that there are not many in those professions who find it all as abhorrent as we do here, ok. We want the TIs who are attempting to make sense of things regards covert targeting to be given a bit more respect soon or you will receive Our wrath big-time, which brings Us to the purpose of this tendentious blog that We would rather not write thanks. This one scribing is the only one brave enough to do it, although he knows We are protecting him from most evil assaults as a result, and wont so much if he doesn’t. We abhor efforts such as that to silence this Our only attempt so far on planet earth, this civilization that is, to turn around such an abomination as Stasi style control of the masses being done by all and sundry all over the planet now, even parents to kids is growing heaps. Just give kid x and will do homework, or go to bed, or whatever. And x is often a drug supplied by the black market even with dubious agendas attached heaps including some put there by extraterrestrials so getting real angry here coz not like their agendas too many and too confused all intersecting from about four hundred races all vying for the position of stuffing up this place the most because that is how they will divie it up for certain. So far Orion is getting the most as started the intrusion way back in the time of Job it was. And at that time there were no ET races impacting this planet whatsoever. We got them all gone due to their aborted previous attempt which caused the fall of Atlantis. So now We have 509 separate races a vying for positions for the take home basket. Orion thinks it is getting the water on their planet sorted by swapping it with this planets a bit at a time, will take about four years and yes will get a bit of their slush coming back very diluted only, so it seems to be a good idea to them, for starters. Might like some animals from here too they think as theirs are all dying from some disease not understood which was caused by their scientists stuffing up other’s animals it was etc. So We decry these methods creating havoc all over ok and wonder who will work out how to get it off even, because We even despair about that. This one keeps asking Us to come up with a plan thanks, ‘too waffley by half’, but hey humans created the mess thanks, not Us. It is definitely up to you to work out how to get that all off, or die out it is. The ETs know how to but wont be a telling humans that unless they get some huge benefit from doing so. Those who work for them here, and monitor this ones thinking always, have a way to do that if they find it starts to come back at them, but are not in a hurry to cough up as it might just help them take over this place making them all masters of it for a few short weeks even only, and We decry those evil creatures attempting to play the situation for such a short term fix, lots of bonking who want to etc. We need more serious folk in charge of that huge consortium now of orgs and who serve the ET consortium even larger that have agreed to share the spoils of this planet once it has fallen into their lap. ‘Too easy’ they are currently thinking. And We don’t like this story here being entirely ignored by government types who know We want their attention, OK. Only one reading today and will just say ‘more garbage, ignore’ and then die for that, coz knows it is true as she is one of the lackeys who should not be still working in that important position there in oz security, and who is getting the bloke she wants to mate with for that lie in place in order to stop any other efforts here getting read by those who do care about all of this., ., , That is what this is about., ., ,, ., OK, be reading all over in this blog or be on the side of nothing left to fight over on or in this planet you have inherited from many billions of far more happy ancestors be sure., ., , Done., ., ,!!, . ,