perfect nonsense from two dykes,?,. ,

Those two are well know to many, but will remain nameless always here so the scribe does not lose all his well earned now super., , They be that nasty, can’t kill him with weapons etc, and reason they still trying so hard is all sorts of silly pacts, contracts, arrangements etc, that We managed to convince them to get rid of in order to see what it would be like without all that in place and they did too sort of,., And We also did something in exchange for them doing a bit of self-emolation in public sort of. And anyways about one hour after that self-emolation, quite appreciated for a bit by spooks mainly who are somewhat perplexed as to what is going on with those two crazy dykies they called them then, but now have realized leaders of whole huge pack of such all over planet eventually is the plan., And they found a way to get all the arrangements back in place and back to kill this bloke gain it was, and that after about one day of desisting with all that, which was a relief for him heaps, got back to how he would be without that always having to be dealt with. And We see why they so keen to get it all back on now,, ETs doing something nice to them if they keep on keeping on and not if not, simple really, same all over with those silly women pretending not hetero at all, all over each other in public, hate each other in private sort of caper in place. Real disturbing result that on the body politic ok? and by design too, and lots of cheap thrills for them, including killing blokes and getting away with it always nearly that is., ,,, ,and time to see why they so hard to correct is what this is, and the nice vibe from ETs there by about one thousand of two races in a combo formation is it. And which they enjoy heaps too, sort of enjoying the dykies together capper. Bit indolent those ET races, too much time on hands now, not know how to enjoy normal stuff that humans do with such. Part of the dyke routine mentioned is their in love with guys fake version, and for the dykes it is back to another drug for their real hetero relations, plus occasional lesbianism, smells funny though, totally fake for show only. And We see why a silly one this evening gave up on killing this guy for a bit and switched to another old love coz he is easier to kill not, coz easier to find not either, coz easier to feel sort of grab into aura when dead sort of routine, but not yet find is problem so maybe back to this one whilst writing this doing her sideways, or whatever. She is getting real nasty at Us. It was suppossed to be him that copped a wallop for stuffing his self up by them or something not sure, but she usually gets her way in life and that was not it ok ., ,,, . So, she is on her way, might knock on door and demand explanation with a cop friend on board, why writing bout me in blog not, why kill her best friend from old days, might have his head in a bag to leave in this ones yard for later sort of routine. The cop has gotten away with that twice now so thinks should be easy to do to this bloke, who is such a klutz in public affairs sort of woops, not want to be subject of blog post though, not what I had in mind for this shift so sweet, not much to do at present so many things not happening sort of, nice time for some shenanigans, sort of misses killing folk being naughty sort of chap. So, well they both on the way and this one getting heartily sick of the routines she is pulling for certain, can’t see why she is still alive really, but keep telling him got to have more folk understanding what they have become is it., , and We becoming something silly too speaking to such a select high up audience of thugs who do stuff like that at the drop of a hat, but reason for this is he had a question about the dykies so intransigent, done now sort of, enough at least for things to be a changing some., ., , We finish with a statement of purpose on sexuality. Hetero is the primary mode thanks, anything else is verboten Not. Absolutely essential to have variants accepted, but not to take up centre stage as a form ever is it, or civilization collapse immanent. Done now., ,,,, .,, , ., !!., &., &.&..?,.

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