Women’s contributions., ,

Well it is not for now, but women in general, and some heaps in particular, are contributing to this mess in ways never seen before. This starts in old fashioned witchery and ends in something more diabolic than any male has ever managed to achieve, even the much loved by some Aleister Crowley. Who do you think wrote all those books attributed to that character? It was demons all, he was a numbskull, who could not do a thing in thought without seven demons. He was almost entirely out of his body with all that. He should be fiercely exposed now before his legacy grows more contorted in its appreciation of the so called master. It would be the same if this writer here, not quite so enthusiastically, were to be attributed with Our thoughts. He can hardly spell his own name sometimes, so many evil things are done to him. He seeks to achieve a normal life, but knows he is best doing this channelling for humanities sake, rather than what he would otherwise do, which is all sorts of things now, and We keep stopping him becoming anything else much, which annoys him heaps, but he can’t really do anything about that, because if We are not happy with what is being done by him then We stop undoing all the thingies in his body put there to kill him. And the large part of that is inspired by two women he once knew in the bolshie days, who succumbed to temptation similar to Crowley – a promise of great power for doing a ritual that placed a demonic intrusion into their spirit is it – and guess what again, this one has done that also, but not in this life. He was a high up demonic during second world stoush huge ok., and those two women have made his life hell for reasons hard for him to comprehend, but he keeps attempting to understand why they both keep attempting to kill him from within Nazi camp now, which camp did pick up many of those young folk from the Vietnam war days so profoundly not understood so far. Which brings Us back to these two monsters now who added heaps to being demonic, as they did not like male demons dictating their moves, so they added female spirit clusters and a few other spirit world monstrosities that We are not able to deal with here yet. And that is because humans are so complicit in many evil ways, and some diabolical ways to be certain. They are worse than Crowley by far because they are not even thinking about what they take on that way. Black magic was scoured through for techniques, Satanism, ancient mysticism any evil kind, etc etc and they put together a mish mash of things, doing them all at same time even for a bit, but have realized what a mess they make of their lives doing that, so now only one method at a time, and many aspects of that method, which means always great power over events without earning the right, which also is seemingly a bit like doing channelling here but no, We are not do anything here in that way. We are doing it by explaining how things are in this universe that We created, and then let those reading work out what they want to do is it always, no instructions from Us, and none from the scribe too, although he would like housing done properly now, thanks for the shed though. So those two are everywhere in his life always, not just Nazi ET lackeys. Those two silly twits are helping themselves every which way, thinking they are real smart always, and We have been watching them for ages now, they made such a mess in Tasmania many years ago. We decry their efforts to take over that state for women’s revolution at first, then for etl mateys, woops not women, but more fun and better gear definitely, with lots of extra additives never experienced before it was. Then they wanted to take it over for the demons that they got on board in order to save them from all who were after them, including the etl creeps, and that was for raping them several times and not allowing any comeback which upset the dyke angle some, and so one thing led to another and they got the reigns of power within etl for a time as compensation sort of, and in with a few other deals of huge import to humanity, and some personal benefits too needed much coz of too many drugs imbibed. Real complex deal in place for nine years with extra bits negotiated from time to time. And so We decided to take Tasmania over instead which is how it is today and will stay that way. Many have come to appreciate the great benefits of being in that strange and wonderful place, which has deep ethers of global governance from other times, as did the etl and those two evil creeps, this one always calls them now. They agree with the title so harmony is restored sort of, except that they want to destroy the place if they can’t have it as their power base., , OK, We have that clear at last and are able to see who else wants this place for their own use, about nine hundred orgs in that now, as it has been understood at last that the ethers of past civilizations can be very useful to be working from within. However, We are in charge of that use of the ethers and if We do not like what you are up to there We will simply turn that effect off, and perhaps turn another on this one muses, although too terrible in the extreme what that might mean ok., and We have one more twist in this to describe for those gathered here now., that is how the etl got to leave that isle without being killed all, and that is an aspect of what happened back in 1800’s plus some, which was Crowley’s demise for making them all demonic for his own aggrandisement even., he was a silly twit for certain as he now sits on Our side sort of with many spirits helping him concentrate on this being writ. He still can’t figure out how he got to be in heaven with such reasonable folk for company, but that is just the beginning of his journey to the hell realms he will not get out of ever, in the time of this galaxy that is. That is because he needs to spend a lot of his time assisting mortals to be kind to each other and not go demonic in order to oppress or otherwise dominate others for own ends., , so We have him for a bit longer if any want to interrogate him, he has to oblige, but once he has gone to hell properly, you wont be able to ever again., , he will be too busy by half., , ok We are good now, just the twist advertised before. The girls in question didn’t have such a fall from grace by accident. The etl mentioned, already firmly ensconced in Tassie and largely unnoticed, doing something to assist it seemed, although were not much really, and anyways they drugged the main one at an important show she put on high up sort of, and she was pre menstrual as well, which one of them convinced her of in her ability to cope with, and she went totally ballistic in public causing all sorts of rifts in that still wonderful place, but not so wonderful now as a result, no? And tother aspect of twist is, who ordered such a diabolic manoeuver? None other than the etl high up who inculcated them, someone they trusted implicitly. Over and out,,. , Done., ,

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