psychic defences and,, .,

So we have a serious problem on planet earth now with a chaos of protocols on psychic behaviour. Every person and doggie has a system for psychic encounters and that means, with a bit of overlap, 1492 different ways to deal with a person locking on to your mind and almost impossible to deter. It is not impossible ever Not, unfortunately. Some planets are so hierarchical with respect to telepathic communications that it is all top down locked on, meaning all above you have access to your thoughts at all times. Nothing private at all in your entire life is the result and the miserableness is extreme, and We get rid of such a regime post haste, before it creates such a stain in the ethers that that is all that any creatures there do from then on. Earth has been there four times now and is dangerously close to going there again. Expect asteroid explosions until your gone, OK., , And that is what is done by all levels of government to the citizenry at present. This chap writes with enthusiasm as he has had about 90 so far lock on to his mind without permission. An implant helped them with that originally, but is no longer needed, due to them having such a strong grasp on his mind now. He had a bit of fun with that situation for a bit, establishing meetings between opposing groups and solving a few problems, might as well help my karma some whilst putting up with such a miserable life was the motive., ,, .!! but that has done too much to the planet now and they want it to stop, as it starts to get a bit worrying in the explanations dept. Even the UN is different as a result and that is entirely Us channelling into the meetings. It sort of just happened through necessity some, as one event way back involved Us preventing a nuclear catastrophe through channelling into a group who were engineering that event in order to take over what would be remaining and then learning to sort out the radiation later – they thought. But hey! We don’t let such people gain from such a ploy EVER, NEVER, ok? And as a result they have been in decline ever since, and are still attempting global domination in other ways. About forty nine serious attempts have occurred since then. And nine other TIs have found ways to do something useful whilst being so terribly abused. We respect them heaps and protect most more as a result. And this one sees now the best way for a TI to get freer, and that is do things to assist humanity in any way they can and We protect them more. That can be just as relevant at the domestic level too though, such as helping parents heaps more than most folk do these days etc, etc. It does not have to be global at all. And that applies also to many in government work who put up with something like the top down telepathic treatment we described earlier. Get that out of the equation pronto, or lose this wondrous planet, OK! It is much sort after by others and they know how to use it far better be sure., ,, , We deplore efforts to establish that top down system all over. It seems nice and neat to those in authority, but you wont know what hit you soon., , How it should be is – not invade another’s mind unless it is to assist that person, or absolutely necessary to save own self only. Not do it to save nation, or org, or anything like that. It doesn’t seem possible, but that is also how it has been in the past here, and for a greater time too. Earth would switch over to that very easily. Leave out all the fun games with lovers etc too. That often starts well and ends in enmity. We abhor those who use psychic means to sort out business including developing methods to kill people, which this one is constantly having to deal with, almost solely due to a very advantaged women who fancied him and whom he said no to, too many times for her comfort. She even organized two rape sessions with support, making him forget both times, and leading to Us killing the support rapists who were supposed to stuff his energy entirely and would have if We hadn’t ended theirs. One is laughing from Our side as someone will realize why wifey died on a jaunt to country town, where the scribe was attempting to get his life working yet again, but no she managed to stuff that effort as he, as a result of the gang bang, became a bit of a misery even though he didn’t remember the event. Nobody can cope with him for long. Although he is experimenting with an age-old cure for that, which is ‘going bananas’, which means the top skin of a banana every day for brekkie, 1 table spoon only, with chilli and tarragon added precisely – you have to get guidance on that. He always asks to get it optimum because that impacts the way that the very fancy alkaloids work, that We put in the banana skin, and which are irrelevant to the plant and fruit entirely. We did that in order to give humans an easy way to clear grief originally, as there was always so much in days gone bye with constant famines and diseases, with so many folk in one place, which is necessary to get this planet up to speed and capable of participating in galactic affairs. The planet has done that well in the past, but not well at all now. In fact you cause lots of strife with all the messages being sent out so randomly and getting miss-understood heaps. They then have to come here to figure it out and find a nice enough planet in chaos, and not one lot of them thinking how to assist, ok, only think how to take it over, and then get on with exploiting the place as much as possible before someone takes it off of them, ok? That is the way things are all over. We are the only beings making a place stay the same for a civilization period, or more some of the time only. Up for grabs happens here often and some places always. We are fortunate with this civilization period as there are four of those to choose from and two more on the way up, should things go belly up as the saying goes,, and close to that right now. Don’t assume that it is not the Chinese to prosper and all others to demise as some are. They would not only ruin the environment, and some on other planets even, but would also make it a miserable place for certain. But, they are the best economy-wise and that might be enough for Us to choose them, ok., , We need civilizations that are prosperous and robust, not good and happy, at times. And with so many folk on the planet now, that is a higher priority. Having millions starving to death is a great tragedy for those involved and for the planet as a whole., , so, We need to compare you all in the light of whose curing that the most, and guess who got the best inoculation first, it was the Chinese, but there was some trickery in that as they had it to start with, sorry to say, and so might the scribey be too, coz now got to dodge some flack from them. They only like channelling that goes their way it seems., , but not all of them know about the prior knowledge has to be added and understood fully. Who knew and who not even suspected needs to be seen by the whole world thanks. We will not rest until that has happened., , We decry such manipulation games in politics. Over and out for now., , , .,,!!, ***. Done., .