Covert targeting of citz!??., ,.

Well it’s time for humans to wake up to what East Germany’s Zersetzung program was about, and boy was it a doozie of an evil distorting influence on those, mostly poor folk, who did nothing much wrong to their government at all even., , they were part of an experiment in social control that was considered a successs and is now the basis of a world-wide program to get all governments doing that, but without official recognition of that occurring. , ., and so far We see two resisting entirely – Zaire, but Ecuador not, which is the worst almost, behind USA and China, , another is Iceland not too, bout forth,, , is Australia next in line? yes, on the worst end there and Canada the very best because is actually doing something about it very publicly and with considerable loss of faith from afar as many think they have gone mad – putting a claim of covert targeting to the citizens, and on a public train platform., and We thanks them heaps for doing that and acknowledge their ability in holding that decision causing much discussion in the community and so far no reprisals from those promoting the Zersetzung methods so agressively, and that is not for lack of attempts though, , about 1,000 of those to the officials concerned, but We keep turning that around and even have eliminated 402 of those scumbags attempting to put in place such an evil system without any community consensus at all., , humans need to get better at policing certainly, but covert control all over without top down authority whatsoever is not it, thanks., , and so it is time to attempt to get this read by civilians as well as many spooks and cops and sometimes military folk that spy on this effort, whilst being writ on paper in the dark even, they are that good., , and this chap, scribing for Us yet again, is in that darkness because he is very poor, which We cope with entirely and so does he. So, if you want to assist this effort give thought to promotion through friends thanks, and perhaps alternative media some places, but be careful with that as there are many who are opposed to this effort in high places, that want it stopped., and the result is now Zersetzung in place all over way slicker than was done in East Germany., , and We abhore that effort entirely,, , it would be the end of this civilization period on this planet be sure,, We would create a catastrophe to ensure that, as We value the ethers of this place highly and that would sully them, and tend to make that form of social control the way things are done., more on that later when those who survive the calamity We let happen, the diabolical virus, in order to wake you up a bit on many fronts, can think about that., , it is not Our doing be sure, lots is being lost We value highly, but We had to let it happen because of several things not liked happening, ok, and Zersetzung is about three fifths of that, and guess what the virus was no accident, rather it was covertly done, in order to stuff up China mainly, by an internal enemy, non-state, working with an external one, non-state also. The evidence for that will be discovered soon We hope. It would not be mentioned here otherwise., , so don’t speculate about that until the evidence is in focus. Be mindful that that evidence could be interpreted wrongly on purpose by many who prefer that covert methods not become obvious., , We hope they fall from power soon, but see that as unlikely as they have you all by the short and curlies now – all over., , who is to blame will become apparant over time and you will see that they have many other crimes to acknowledge and excoriate., , We don’t like them one bit, but have to tolerate their contributions because they sometimes cause a beneficial outcome in the end game of it., , which in this instance is hoped to be way more serious behavior from humans again., ., the fifties were your best period so far, and look what happened to get that in place., ., . Done for now, and thankyou for reading., ., , ., .!!., ., .,,,,??.,