Four endings for the covert disasters.

There are four ways that this situation we have today of covert methods proliferating all over can end. One is absolute mayhem of everybody doing it and those who are left standing in the end rule and it is close to that in some places already. That would nearly always be absolutely thoughtless idiots who can only do menial and repetitive tasks – no advances for thousands of years at best. Two is a variant of one really as the military may have enough thinking still to be able to kill all those still doing covert once they decree that ceasing has to happen. That happens sometimes but not often. Four is a further variant of two, the military all over demise as it is there that covert becomes endemic faster for obvious reasons, to some at least. The coppers are next in line to attempt a solution usually, and so on. Three is where we are at present, although number one is more likely still despite Our valiant efforts to raise the alarm before it goes too far. But three could still happen and that involves developing a mass consensus that it should stop pronto with all caught doing it to be executed is usually regarded as the only practical way on most planets, lesser fines etc are attempted first to be sure. Humans could improve on that. For it to be seen as a cowardly act should get established – and that it is entirely. Nothing good arises from something done that way. Cowards all over are in the ascendancy, and those who stick to open and correct ways of doing things are marginalised. Covert on thought is always the most prolific type of covert. That is because thinking is what makes progress happen and those who seek covert means of control are nearly always anti-progressives. This one scribing for Us this time yet again, despite rather not wanting to thanks, would be a vegetable 211 times over if We had not denatured those attempts to stuff his thinking ability, which is still way below par due to lesser covert assaults 12 times – that We choose to let happen in order to adjust him some. We cope with doing this through him for now but would rather he was cleaned up of all that soon and doing other things – and he concurs. He only does it because it seems to be the only way to get this through at present. Those evil doers, now known as the illuminati, who started all this silliness some thousand years ago plus now, are realising that the true ET agenda does not have them in charge of the planet after all, and they would thus rather attempt that openly. We will allow the attempt of that when and if they cease the covert attempt and assist in wiping out all the covert methods all over. That is because it would then be up to humans to resolve the problem again and not so much hidden actors attempting total control via covert means. Some would always be there attempting that, but We assist a lot if you are doing everything you can the open way. So We end with a prediction. Three is it for certain as We have to make that happen one way or another due to the quality of ethers of this planet only, not due to love of silly humans here ok. We might even replace the lot of you with another race if you do not get on with it soon. That would be easy to do as they simply kill you all in a few days with a chemical that assists in the decomposition process, real fast decay thanks and then they would be all over everything taking advantage of all your constructive structures etc driving the whole show way better in a week they be so slick ok? And totally anti-covert is their way for certain, got it? Close to that is – We might let them start and see if you don’t wake up to this reality We here describe, but if you do then it means they get real stroppy having started that and then We have to stop them completing the task they so much desired because their four planets are almost totally decimated by war mainly. So think deeply about this thanks and decide three, or maybe pack your bags for a next incarnation on a very awful planet for beings who soil their nest so terribly.

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