Our first post…not Our last We hope – TIs/the Inquisition/govt. complicity and more., .

We mention in the very important Spiritual Protection page here within, that this time is similar to that called the Inquisition. It most certainly is for the hapless TIs (targeted individuals for a very long time now) that We attempt to assist here, and also all humans to some degree, and increasing in severity too. This is only one of Our many attempts in many ways to address the situation. It is not because We value the TIs contributions that much though. They are almost useless the way they are, they could tend to become more effective over time though. We do not care that much for useless people of any kind, sorry to say. There is limited time and energy here too. So, We thank those who manage to break through that crippling of their ability to contribute to society in any way at all, and We abhor those who only negatively contribute, even if that is only in small irritating ways, which is the norm really. And it is very unfortunate to see those young men who have been stressed and confused to such an extent that they violently attack, and mostly in the wrong direction entirely. They are held responsible here for those actions, despite it being driven by very evil perps, who do however take the lions share of that responsibility. And We have one perp watching over this being writ who participated in the Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia experiment in creation of a patsy TI for to blame for an op they pretended they needed to do in order to achieve gun control. It is so abhorrent to Us that We have made sure the control did not work, and now Australia is nearly as prolific in gun toting as the USA. So think again about doing the same thing elsewhere you in authority, or at least those who easily use government organisations for non-government purposes, which is what that is mostly about. That could have been what happened in New Zealand too, but no, that was yet another version of the mass shooter that backfired a little for a bit, but got covered up well for now only. Ok, We do everything We can to stop that sort of use of TIs. Fortunately most are smart enough to not be spun out in that way. Back to the time called the Inquisition, which is similar in some ways to the contorted nature of all the covert methods being used today, none of which are acknowledged so far, except for date rape drugs which took ages to expose. Covert is gradually taking over as the way things are done all over – very unfortunately. During the Inquisition time the citizens, and some of the lower clergy, worked out how to protect themselves as well as they could to survive mainly, as there was certainly no chance to do anything about that hideous situation at all. They could think of nothing other than keeping out of the way of the top priests, and other government officials as well. And that mentality is still today in place, especially amongst TIs, who tune into all that because what is done to them is of a similar level of barbarity. That is for certain, ok? It is beyond the pale entirely and not at all the creation of many in governments, but who keep getting blamed for it. But some definitely are to blame, as well as many in non-government positions of power. So we want a clearer picture of it all going up soon, from TIs, their supporters, their friends, and families too, and most importantly from government types of many varieties thanks. The latter is very difficult to see how for though, they are so entwined in the disaster of it all, growing daily too. Wake up to it, or the end of this civilisation is neigh. Those who assist will also become lesser targets though, which tells a story in itself. It is a very well protected system, which involves many techniques that We do not want continuing for much longer. So, We are gradually turning those off one at a time, and the perpetrators of all this are getting very twitchy to say the least. We have to be very careful not to generate a situation of war even, as they value what covert control they have established so far, and are even hoping to improve on what can be done with that in place. That could eventually mean nobody whatsoever doing a single thing out of order as ordained by the high ups in their world, and who are never seen by the citizens ever, and who also have ways and means beyond the understanding of most of you struggling to survive in what is known as the rat race, which is an apt word for certain. Never seen such a silly way of living before on any planet at all. And there are many well set up planets with everything you have and more, and which function as smoothly as the military do, but who also have advanced systems of democracy as well, and which also think and feel more deeply than humans do. So, thanks for reading, and bye for now from this effort., ,,,.,done., ,

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